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Did you know that Jonah went to hell “for ever” and then later got out?

Did you realize, that according to the King James Version Jonah went to “hell” (Jonah 2:2), and that he went there “for ever,” (:6), and that he got out?

That’s right – he went straight to the “belly of hell,” and then God brought him back again!

Jonah chapter two proves that whatever “hell” may be in the King James Version, it is a place where God gets people out, as in the case of Jonah.

Whatever “hell” really is, its door outward is open to the eventual salvation of all.

…Jonah went to hell forever and then later got out? Related Study Materials Video Book

The author embarks on a point-by-point refutation of the doctrine of eternal torment. In simple words he tackles all the    

critical topics: Jesus’ threats to the Israelites, the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the lake of fire, the Greek words translated "hell," the Greek word commonly translated "eternal."

Martin Zender Goes to Hell

by Martin Zender

Book #6494

78 Page PB

What is hell? Where is it? Where did the word hell come from? These questions and more answered in this short talk by Steve Hill.

Visit http://www.studyshelf.com/videos to see more videos.

Stephen Hill - Hell

Play Time - 24:57

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Some are very much exercised over the doctrine of endless torment. One person writes thus:

Why do you oppose endless          

punishment? If that goes, endless salvation of necessity goes with it. Why rob Christians of their hope for the sake of comforting and hardening sinners  in their sins? The age is drifting away from all restraint and you will help it along. If endless punishment is not true, then 99-100ths of all God’s people have been misled by Christ’s own words.

The writer evidently has considered the subject very superficially. My answer to these sentiments I have published  in the pamphlet, Endless Torments not Scriptural. I insert the above not for the sake of arguing against it, but that our readers may see how utterly in the dark many sincere Christians are…

The Doctrine of Eternal Hell by A.P. Adams

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