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Did you know that the Greek word often translated as “church” in most English versions is εκκλησία (ekklēsia, or ecclesia?)

The word is a compound word meaning “called-out” (ek = “out”; klēsi = called). The ecclesia is God’s “called-out” ones.

It is important to understand that the ecclesia is not a building or denomination; not a meeting or doctrinal creed; it is not somewhere we go or something we do, but who we are as believers.

Anything more or less than this simple truth is a fake.

Our apostle tells us in Ephesians 1:22-23 that we are “the ecclesia, the called out ones, which is Christ’s Body, the fullness or the complement of Him Who is completing the All in all.”

Don’t be deceived by an imitation. Don’t allow your true identity to be stolen from you.

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Leave Church!

by Dan Sheridan

The Bible Student’s Notebook #274

In 1995, after sixteen years of being in the “pastorate” the author walked away. He left the "religious system" by resigning from the very “church” and “ministry” he had                                                                  

formed. In many ways this work is a testament to these actions. This testimony was thirty years in the making -- the results of a spiritual journey that the author found to be common to other saints scattered throughout the world and across history.

This is an opportunity to explain why some who love the Lord no longer "go to church." It does not seek to persuade others to do something different; but rather to simply be who and what they already are “in Him.” This is an uncovering of the truth of the church, and an encouragement for the members of His Body to enjoy the position and standing “in Christ” that they already possess, realizing that they are truly “complete in Him” (Colossians 2:10), that He alone is their Life (Colossians 3:4), and that His Life is full of freedom (Galatians 5:1).

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The Outsiders: God’s Called-Out Ones

by Clyde L. Pilkington Jr.

Book #4125

128 Page PB

Filmed in Birmingham, Alabama on 05/18/13.

Visit http://www.studyshelf.com/videos to see more videos from this meeting and other videos organized by the meetings they were filmed at.

Clyde L. Pilkington Jr. - The Outsiders

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Play Time - 23:44

Dear Brother ____________,

So, let me get this straight. Your pastor says that the glorious work of Christ in undoing the work of                

Adam was to raise people from death to torment them forever? THAT is what he says the “nullifying” work of Christ is? My brother, instead of answering his arguments, I am going to encourage you.

If I may ask you some questions, and please understand my intention. I say what I am about to say almost with tears. I really desire your maturity in Christ. So here it goes dear brother:

Why do you “go to Church?” Why would you put yourself and your family under the authority of a single man who goes by the name “pastor?” Why would you be part of the very thing that promotes the teaching of demons? (I Timothy 4:1-3). My…