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Did you know that God is “the Savior of all mankind”?

Could this possibly be true? Yes, God is, in full truth, “the Savior of all mankind” (I Timothy 4:10). Paul did not say that He was “potentially the Savior of all mankind,” but that He is the “Savior of all men.” Nor did Paul write a disclaimer, “the Savior of all who believe,” but the “Savior of all men.”

If words mean anything, He could not be their Savior if He did not actually save them. Yet Paul taught clearly that He is the “Savior of all mankind,” because He will save all mankind.

God will not lose the majority of all of His creation to sin, as Christendom teaches. In fact, God will not lose any of all of His creation to sin. He will indeed redeem them all. He will have the final victory over sin!

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Grace is much more glorious and amazing than man recognizes. Religion hides the full accomplishments of the vast cross-work of the Lord Jesus                                              

Christ. The work of salvation for mankind is full and complete. As ambassadors of Christ, we are only to proclaim its glorious message. Those who respond by faith can enjoy their salvation in Christ

now while here on earth.

Make no mistake about it. When I speak of salvation, I do not just speak of the potential of “salvation for all” – in the sense that it is only available for all men to have; but I speak freely of the surety of the “salvation of all” – that all men will in reality enjoy the fullness of salvation, completely applied to them personally.

I firmly believe in the salvation of all – that God in His goodness, grace, and love, on the account…

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The Salvation of All

by Clyde L. Pilkington Jr.

The Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is truly better “Good News” than we could ever have imagined.  It is far more                                        

glorious than religion would ever have us believe. The Salvation of All is a book about a “Good News” that will reach its final goal in the salvation of all mankind.

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The Salvation of All

by Clyde L. Pilkington Jr.

Book #7001

316 Page PB

Christ - a success or a failure? What did he come to do and did he actually accomplish it? Well, he's the Son of God, isn't he!? Don't refuse to accept the truth that is the grace of God - if righteousness does not come from Christ's work then Christ died for nothing.

Clyde Pilkington - Christ’s Successful Work

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